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It helps our bodies to repair and renew themselves, rejuvenates our minds and helps us to stay energised, enjoying and making the most of our waking hours. If we don't get a good night's sleep, we are quickly affected. Our memory isn't as good, it may be hard to concentrate and we will feel generally sleepy and under par during the day.

There can be many reasons for poor sleep. A mattress which is old and not providing the right kind of support can cause restlessness, aches and pains.

Also, the type of support we need changes as we get older; what was comfortable in our 20's may not be so in our 30's and 40's, and so on.

Another cause of poor sleep is the House Dust Mite. These tiny, microscopic creatures, found in even the cleanest of homes, love to make their home in mattresses and can trigger asthma, eczema and dust related allergies.

The good news is that many of our Healthbeds mattress are treated with anti-dust mite protection (ADP) to try to ensure a dust mitefree mattress, right to the deepest fibres.

Health and Safety First

All Healthbeds' models conform to the most stringent flame resistance regulations and are put through our own quality control and inspection procedures so that our customers can be assured of the ultimate in health and safety.

Optimum Comfort and Support

Healthbeds Care Guide and Guarantee Sheet

Finding the perfect balance and sleeping position is affected by your size, shape and weight. When lying on your side the spine should be horizontal, with the mattress supporting you head to toe, without any pressure points.

Download our Care Guide and Consumer Guarantee Leaflet >

Layers of fillings for ultimate comfort...


Technologically advanced fillings to help allergy and asthma sufferers.

All Healthbeds fillings are laid head to toe in the construction of the mattress to give an even 'comfort feel' over the entire sleeping area. Combined with our unique Healthi-Flo® foundation base system, this enables us to help our customers achieve their goal - a restful, healthy and comfortable night's sleep, awakening refreshed and relaxed for the start of a new day.


Our own branded premium High Density Memory-Foam specially developed to keep you cooler and fresher while giving your body head to toe pressure relief and support.

New Breathable Cool Gel Lay-Tec
Our latest new Ultra Uplifting filling will help you keep cooler and fresher throughout the night.

Natural Lambswool, Cashmere, Silk, Mohair, and Cotton

Natural Lambswool, Silk, Cotton, Cashmere & Mohair.
Traditional, natural fillings for luxurious comfort and texture.

Natural Talalay Latex® The original Talalay Latex healthy body-moulding pressure relief filling gives a wonderful sumptuous feel.

New Cool Gel Latex Our New Cool Gel infused Latex keeps you cooler and fresher throughout the night.

REVO® Memory & Comfort Fillings
Take a look at the Signature Collections range to view a video explaining the benefits of REVO® fiilings in your mattress. View the range >

Mattress Fabric

It is important that mattress fabric not only looks attractive but also performs a valuable role in the overall
function and quality of the bed. Healthbeds’ mattress fabrics are specially selected for their advanced
properties and include knitted stretch fabrics with:


As a natural fiber:-

• It has the ability to absorb moisture
• Air breathing and static contradicting
• The feel of silk
• Easy to dye
• Strong and durable

Bamboo Life

Benefits of Bamboo Life: -

• Very soft, nice touch
• Instantly absorbs moisture
• Naturally antibacterial
• Bright look

Smart & Soft

Smart & Soft ticking provides the skin keeps in dry by quickly removing sweat from the skin.

It has an air-permeable structure that provides skin breathes for a more comfortable sleep environment.


Modal made of the beech tree is wholly natural and has the feature of moisture transferring and a very soft surface. Modal is the unique fiber having the quality of being softness for skin.

37° Micro Climate Fabric treatment, based on micro-encapsulated waxes that have the capacity to ‘soak up’ or emit heat energy in order to keep the human body at consistent comfortable temperature through the night.

Belgian Damask Finest quality woven fabrics with benefits of anti-dust mite protection.

Coolmax® An innovative fibre structure helps the body to stay considerably cooler, dryer and more comfortable, maintaining an ambient sleeping environment

Cashmere A luxurious fibre with natural softness which aids temperature
regulation and comfort.

Biorytmic Sleep Mattress Ticking

A new Body Harmony Fabric with inter-body communication creating a balanced and refreshing nights sleep.

View our Body Balance Sleep Range > > >

Mattress Interiors

Correct support is vital for a good night's sleep. That's why Healthbeds have developed a choice of mattress interiors to give different support options...

Pocketed Spring
Available from a spring count of 800 up to 9200* individual nested springs (*150cm models). Designed with double reinforced edge support to ensure total comfort right to the edge of the mattress.

Ionic Long-life Spring
The latest advancement on the popular open coil spring, the Ionic Long Life Spring is unique to Healthbeds. It incorporates the open spring system but with a firmer section in the middle of the mattress to support the small of the back - the lumbar region. Extra support in this area can help to cushion the shoulders and provide relaxation to tired legs and feet.

Mattress Design

All our mattresses are designed with no roll-off reinforced edge supports to ensure total comfort and provide extra sleeping area; they also incorporate side-air vents. Our No-Turn Healthi-Flo® models have an air-flo mesh on the underside which, when combined with our unique Healthi-Flo® base foundation, helps to recycle air and moisture through the mattress and base - allowing the whole bed to breathe.

No-Turn Easy Care
Many of the models in the Healthbeds range now feature the No-Turn Easy Care mattress. Extensive testing and product development has resulted in this innovation, unique to Healthbeds, whereby the mattress does not need to be turned over at regular intervals, making care of the bed much easier!

Our traditional mattresses should be turned every week for the first 3-6 months and every month thereafter to give even wear and prolong lifespan.

Foundation Base systems

The foundation of a bed is just as important as the mattress in terms of support.

Healthbeds Unique Healthi-Flo® Ventilated Air Circulation System
helps to wick away the moisture and heat, promoting a healthier, fresher night’s sleep. Healthi-Flo® bases are available in three types of construction, all giving edge to edge support to the mattress and hence limiting ‘roll off’ feeling.

Traditional Multi-Spring Edge Base
Incorporates a fully sprung open coil spring which gives a luxurious springy feel to the whole bed.

Healthi-Flo® Multi Pocketed Upholstered Base
With up to 1000 hand nested springs giving the very best foundation and the ultimate comfort feel

Healthi-Flo® Open Coil Interior Sprung Ventilated Base
With up to 350 tension sprung coil springs, giving a medium firmness comfort and support.

Healthi-Flo® Ventilated Padded Top Base
A spring-free base to give a back-care firmer support feel.

Padded Top
Provides a very firm base support; usually chosen in partnership with a back-care specification for firmer support.

Base Colour Options

Bed Bases and and Headboards
Our bed bases and headboards come
in a range of colour options.
(Swatches are for illustration only)